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On Your Way 2.0: Social Networking For Credit Union Members


OYW 2.0 packs the latest in compelling and rich financial literacy content in the form of blog posts, articles & videos.


The Social Media Engine allows you to easily start discussions, ask questions, get answers and make friends!


Use our innovative point system to gain badges, rack up points and earn exciting rewards.


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Don’t miss your chance to get in the know about On Your Way 2.0.

In approximately 20 minutes, key members of the On Your Way staff will cover the main objectives of the program and conduct a tour of the On Your Way website and Control Panel. Pricing will also be discussed, including ways you can get discounts on our already low pricing (taking the Tour is one way, for example).

Like most tours, this is an informal session and questions are always welcome, so please join us if you have questions about On Your Way or would like more information on any aspect of the program.

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Easy to customize

Use our simple and fun administrator panel to customize all aspects of your CU page & moderate your members’ social acitivty.

Sleek Layout

OYW 2.0 is easy to read, easy to follow and easy to navigate. This ease of use will only translate to greater engagement among your members.

Piggy banks can rest easy

You may think this software might be out of reach – don’t worry! Our pricing is extremely competitive.

Deep Analytics

Wondering how efficient your marketing is? Are you looking for numbers to show to your boss? We have you covered with deep analytics and web traffic analysis.

Complete turnkey marketing solution – built from the ground up to be simple.

We know your development, design and human resources teams are busy. You have a credit union to run! We make OYW 2.0 so easily that it integrates with your marketing plan within days.

Not only traffic – but engaged traffic.

We all know that more web traffic is the name of the game, but did you know that up to 89% of Gen Y members do not even know what a credit union is? Let’s educate and engage them – together.

Why use OYW 2.0?

Unparalleled access to Gen Y. Access to social media channels that no other solution can provide.

  • Powered by self-syndicating social media activity.
  • Fully customizable for your credit union.
  • Continual, top notch fresh and engaging personal finance content
  • Integrates within your existing marketing in just a few steps
  • Powered by Gen Y discussions and engagement.
  • Foster discussions, push new products – the possibilities are endless!